About Us


WP-Publisher is an online platform created by DutchGiraffe | Digital Creatives, a digital agency who has been designing and developing websites and online magazines for over 10 years. We believe in making the digital world accessible for everyone; making online simple!


Making digital easy.
Making the complex understandable and innovations accessible.
For everyone.


Creating publications and tools that are easy to work with, that help your brand express itself. Be able to tell your story the way you want to.


We believe in the benefit of the mass and power we have to further develop together. That is why our platforms are based on WordPress, the most used CMS in the world. We use the knowledge of all WordPress developers worldwide and adjust new features to our standards; keeping our systems flexible and adaptable.


We put passion in our work. With our different backgrounds, skills, ideas and experiences we all have one thing in common; our love for digital, developing and creating new and innovative designs and products. We always aim to amaze; with our designs, with focus, with little surprises, with dedication.


We want to make it even easier to publish online with our new platform, WP-Publisher . This platform is made for you, first-time user or WordPress expert. By using a “what you see is what you get” editor you can see how your publication will look, while editing. For any marketer, content maker, communication advisor or even when you’ve just started making online magazines; WP-Publisher is perfect for you. With this tool you can easily create online magazines and blogs, without any knowledge of design or code. Complete websites coming soon. It’s easy to use. Create your own professional, interactive publication.


We love to develop ourselves and our work. How? We keep challenging ourselves and setting new goals. See our upcoming goals:


  • Make a website with WP-Publisher
  • AI integration (image and text placement)
  • Integration with different platforms
  • Plugin library for WordPress plugins that are compatible with WP-Publisher


In addition to our goals we continuously evaluate the platform to see where we can make it easier for you; as a client, as an editor or as a visitor.